DX heat pumps (VRF /VRV)

Climagroup installs conventional compression cooling machines based on the direct expansion principle. Air-to-air or water-to-air heat pump technology is used to directly cool the air without the use of an intermediate medium. The main advantages of this conventional cooling method? The project can be implemented quickly, has a limited impact on the building (since complex installation work is eliminated), and is also budget-friendly.

Industrial cooling

Climagroup specialises in industrial cooling for (large-scale) production companies. We manufacture and install certified and fire resistant air ducts that conform to the EN1366-1 standard and devise process-cooling solutions. For such projects, we also use ground heat with renewable energy. We always conceive and design the industrial cooling with the customer in mind: in this manner, we try to find the perfect combination between the life cycle cost of the installation and the operating cost for the customer.


For comfort applications, where user comfort and flexibility are the key factors. Air-to-water or water-to-water heat pump technology.

Fire protection

 A good cooling system can also contribute to fire protection. Climagroup manufactures and installs certified fire resistant air ducts that conform to the EN1366-1 standard.

Geothermal cooling

Are you looking for a renewable energy-based solution? Climagroup can support you with a geothermal system that provides passive cooling. This uses ground heat with renewable energy through earth probes. This provides heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Commercial cooling

Need an air-conditioning solution to cool food? Whether it is a shop, department store, warehouse or kitchen: Climagroup is happy to help you find the most suitable cooling technology for your room. Sustainable, with CO2 - or traditional, with refrigerant?

Air technology

Have you decided to go in for an installation based on air technology, with air groups, chillers and/or cooling towers? Climagroup would be happy to design a constant or variable flow application or demand-controlled ventilation. We will manufacture ducts and shaped parts with air-tightness class B.