Climagroup is backing the Green Deal on Climate-friendly Cooling, an initiative by Flemish Minister for Energy Zuhal Demir and Flemish Minister for Economy and Innovation Hilde Crevits. Together with other companies from the retail sector, cooling installation and maintenance companies, some sectoral federations and the Flemish government, we have committed to this Green Deal to phase out the use of F-gases as refrigerants in supermarkets and food shops. We aim to do this by using natural and climate-friendly refrigerants, among other things.


The refrigeration system in most supermarkets and food shops in Flanders uses fluorinated greenhouse gases, the so-called F-gases, which are extremely harmful to the climate. The Green Deal on Climate-friendly Cooling can help ensure that we further accelerate the reduction of F-gas emissions in the retail sector by switching to climate-friendly forms of refrigeration. Climagroup already focused on this in the past with Carrefour, but is proud to now be part of a structural collaboration to prioritise more sustainable and environmentally-friendly installations in the sector.