The specialist in cooling and HVAC

Climagroup comprises seven companies that came together to share their passion, experience and know-how. Although Cooltech, Borcalor, Rob Air, Pure Air, De Noyette, Milieu & Koeltechniek and Climabel each retain their unique character, when combined together as the Climagroup, they offer the customer a much more powerful proposition.

Climagroup represents an innovative wind blowing through the Belgian climate landscape. Our sustainable total solutions for hospitality, industry, offices, (food) retail and the care sector make the difference. With constant innovations in HVAC in both commercial and industrial refrigeration, our dedicated team designs and installs the right installations every day, specifically for our customers. We advise and guide you through the entire process, from installation to maintenance. That is how Climagroup creates breathing space for you.

Our strength? We try to achieve an optimal result that is tailored to our customer’s needs and requirements. We strive to achieve total customer satisfaction, in the short term as well as in the long term.

Climagroup is part of Hasco Invest, a strong partnership. Hasco Invest is a private family holding company with headquarters in Hasselt. They combine the operational strengths and long-term vision of an industrial group with the flexibility and opportunism of a financial investor. Hasco Invest’s support services enable Climagroup to fully focus on its own speciality: refrigeration and HVAC.

Our mission

As a family group with several regional offices, we offer customised total solutions in heating, cooling and ventilation. With respect for the wishes and needs of our customers, we are always ready with advice and support.

The distinctive qualities of Climagroup

We are present throughout Belgium through various hubs and have adopted a service model that enables everyone can reach anywhere quickly. The customer is really at centre stage for us and that is why we have consciously adopted a ‘customers for life’ mindset: we guarantee the same excellent service for every customer in the long run. With more than 50 years of experience, we find the answer to every challenge!

An extensive and specialised team

We have a diverse and enthusiastic team ready to serve our customers. From our administrative staff to our technicians and engineers: they know their trade and are dedicated to ensuring top quality. Our internal training centre enables us to continuously provide education and training. Only in this manner can we continue to offer high quality and ever more creative solutions!

Climagroup continues to grow strongly

Growth is progress. Climagroup has already achieved sustainable growth in the past, both organically and through our buy-and-build strategy. In the past financial year, we achieved annual sales of 40.4 million. We choose to invest in the future, to continue to grow and to evolve positively every year.

Our evolution

Climagroup is the result of a successful collaboration of seven different companies from the air conditioning sector, each with their own specialisations and many years of experience. We share our knowledge, experience and passion with each other in order to be able to achieve more and more for our customers.

The common denominators are our passion for technology, our years of experience as well as additional knowledge. Together we stand stronger, achieve more and that is why we have joined forces.

Our service is as pure as our air

Present throughout the entire Benelux

Climagroup has installations spread throughout the Benelux, which are also maintained by it. Thanks to this widely dispersed network, Climagroup can rely on a service model that relieves you of all your worries at all times.   

24/7 accessibility

Thanks to our flexibility, we guarantee extra-quick service, since your time is precious to us. 

Simplicity and transparency
No mass communication, but a personal approach. 
Each customer is sure of a single personal point of contact, 
one number, and one price plan. Simple and clear.

Professional employees
Our internal training centre ensures that we can always offer you the latest solutions and technologies. All our employees know their trade down to the finest details.

Our total approach
You can come to us for everything. From the first meeting to the installation, the maintenance and even the adjustment and inspection of your machines. We offer you one point of contact for all your air conditioning questions and needs!