Customer focus

At Climagroup, the customer always takes centre stage. We stand for the ‘customer for life’ principle, wherein we remain committed to provide the customer with long-term support. We offer customised solutions because we know that every company is unique. Everything is based on the specific needs and requirements of the customer. Thanks to a wide variety of innovative concepts that are constantly being refined and improved, we always manage to find the ideal solution for each customer.

100% service, 0% worry

Our service? Fast, personal and 24/7. Our promise to all our customers. Climagroup is active in the Benelux and can therefore rely on a service model that relieves you of all your worries 24/7. And since your time is also important to us, we also ensure fast service. We also like to keep things simple and transparent for you. That is why we ensure that every customer has one single personal point of contact, one number, and one price plan.

Design and build

Climagroup is always happy to help you strike the right balance between affordable solutions and the latest sustainable innovations available in the market. From design to implementation, we ensure added value to your installation, no matter what the scale, scope and budget of your project. How do we achieve this? Our extensive engineering department and innovation cell can draw on in-depth knowledge combined with more than 40 years of experience. This greatly increases our work efficiency, helps us manage costs optimally, and cover all risks. Moreover, we always cooperate closely with our suppliers: we combine expertise and creativity to solve any challenge and to deliver great designs.

Flexible and proactive

Why should you choose Climagroup? We have behind us the 

strength and expertise of a large group and the flexibility and spirit of an entrepreneur. For example, our employees are provided the necessary resources and facilities that enable them to always respond efficiently and flexibly to customer demand. We also continuously improve performance and service levels. We also ensure that our communication is transparent and clear, so that strategic decisions can be taken more quickly and all parties know exactly what to do from the very beginning. No surprises - just fulfilled expectations.

Continuous innovation

The world of cooling and air conditioning is in a constant state of flux. Climagroup continuously expands its expertise with new techniques and trends involving, among others, alternative refrigerants, alternative thermal and refrigerated transport, CertEnergie optimisation (cold/heat flows), remote monitoring, co-engineering of technologies between customer, installer, supplier and manufacturer, AI/machine learning (controlling) and prefab methodology. This innovative strategy helps us optimise the product, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

In-house training centre

All our employees know their trade inside out, so you can always count on professionalism and the best quality. Climagroup established its in-house training centre in Alken to ensure that it responds proactively to the ever-changing technologies and innovations. New employees learn the tricks of the trade in the training centre. We also organise annual training for our more experienced technicians and installers, to ensure that they are always up-to-date with the latest techniques and applications. Climagroup invests no less than 210 training hours per employee per year! Another advantage: maintenance staff and users of newly installed installations can also pursue a specialised training course. This ensures that everyone is always up-to-date!

Sustainable development

When you choose Climagroup, you choose sustainability and invest in a green future! We are committed to the principles of sustainable development: that means we respond to the needs of the present while respecting the needs of future generations. Our building technologies do exactly that: they respect the environment, are economical to use, and guarantee optimal comfort.

Quality control

Climagroup aims for nothing less than the best quality in terms of safety, health and environment. We achieve this by implementing a very stringent quality control system. This ensures that our business processes meet the high standards to which we are committed. The SCC** (Safety Checklist for Contractors) risk management system is a tool to ensure the continuous improvement of the installations and services that we install.

Preventive audit

We offer more for less. Our installations have low energy consumption, last longer and incur less repair costs. This is because we always carry out a comprehensive preventive check at the time of installing them. We thereby ensure the long-term efficient operation of our installations! Good news for your wallet - and for the environment as well!

Certificates & Awards

* Fireduct / RWA (smoke and heat extraction)
EN 1366-1 Classification
EN 13501-3 Testing
Pressure 0-500 PA
Fire types A and B
Leakage class S (<10m³/m²/hr) 

* EPB (Energy performance of buildings)
* Air conditioning and energy expert
* Habilitation Gas no. 02-01786-A
* Accredited ‘Technician in Liquid Fuel’

D16 - class 1, D17 - class 6, D18 - class 6
P1 - class 3, P2 - class 1, P3 - class 1
S1 - class 1
T3 - class 6

AED Approval

Air conditioning systems require proper adjustment and inspection by recognised experts. We would be happy to support you in this as well.  In Flanders, there is mandatory inspection of new air-conditioning systems with a nominal cooling power in excess of 12 kW within one year of the initial starting of operations. Periodic inspections of the installation are also mandatory in the period that follows. 

Climagroup has all the necessary approvals and certificates to properly conduct these inspections. What exactly does such an assessment involve? It involves a verification of the documentation as well as a number of operating parameters, a visual inspection, and an assessment of the correct use. 

We will be happy to check all these parameters for you!